Sanitation Principles:

1. Watch to see if your stylist/barber has washed his/her hands before serving you.

2. When the stylist/barber drops a comb or brush make sure they use a clean one on you and not the one that has been dropped.

3. Make sure that your stylist/barber use a neck strip, towel or something between you and the chair cloth they put on you.

Communication suggestions:

1. You can get the most out of your stylist if you show a picture of a style you would like.

2. When you feel comfortable with your stylist let them create a style for you because that's what their good at.

3. By having pictures or letting the stylist create a style for you will make you happy, as well as the stylist.

Online Clients Questions & Answers from

1. Dated: Fri., June 28, 2002
Question - So I needed a litttle help on my hair. okay heres the problem, my hair is frizzy and naturally curly..and when it gets blow dryed thats when the problems begin...thank god theres straighteners but I use straighteners everyday, but I keep up my hair, I give it a trim every month or so anyways I was wondering if you knew of a product that could tame down my hair..or a straightener that won't damage as much or a solution that could take away my frizz for a period of time..Thank you so much for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

2. Dated: Sat., June 22, 2002
Question - I have extremely curly frizzy puffy hair. I try to blow-dry it straight and it
goes puffy no matter how long i do it for. I have also tried leaving it curly
but no products reduce its puffiness or frizziness. I have tried then chemically
straightening my hair but to no avail. It is just the same. I can never leave
my hair out without feeling comfortable and I would really appreciate some advice
that will be of use. So far, nothing can control it.

Answer for Q. 1 & 2 - For controlling the curls I suggest using Designer Touch Equilibrium Moisturizing Conditioner. This product brings moisture to the curls and thats what curls need.
For controlling frizz I recommend Dudley's Setting Lotion. All you need is a lite mist after you have applied the Designer Touch Conditioner. These products are professional brands and can only be sold by a licensed professional Barber or Cosmetologist.

3. Dated: Fri., Nov. 2, 2001
Question - I was talking about the bio ionic retexturizing system, and the Yuko and Liscio
systems? Do you have any thoughts on these?

Answer - I've heard good things about the Yuko System from Curly Heads Rule Yahoo Group, but its a bit pricey.
My thoughts on this is that you need to find a system that works for you and your budget. I would ask other people who have your type of hair texture where did they get their hair done, provided you like their hair style. This could take some time & research, but it would be worth it when you get the hairstyle you've been looking for.